10 Water Slides

At Ammu Water Park, we do not have one, two, or three but a whopping 10 water slides for you to indulge in and just go crazy. With each slide being different from another, you can be sure to experience some unadulterated bliss, which will leave you begging for more.


Swimming comes natural to human beings, both kids and adults alike. Hence, we have created an exclusive kids pool, designed only for children. Parents can be rest assured regarding the safety of their kids because we have onboard expert coaches and lifeguards, who do all it takes for the safety of kids.


Our in-house DJ gets the guests moving and grooving. Our DJ team comprises of several sound engineers and the chief DJ, who leave no stone unturned in ensuring that you have a time of your life. While you get jiggy to the popular dance numbers, you are bound to feel lightheaded and groovy.


Who can forget the famous Saif Ali Khan song “Kasto Mazza” from the Bollywood movie Parineeta? Our mini train is designed to leave the kids spellbound and captivated. With its twists and turns, you can be rest assured that your kids are experiencing unbridled joy and are in the lap of luxury.


With Ammu Water Park, it is party time all year around. We have dedicated exclusive sections for pool side and river side parties. Listen to some soothing music, dig in to some scrumptious food, pick one of your favorite summer cocktails or alcoholic beverages, and let the good times roll on.


We have a state-of-the-art conference room that is replete with all modern gadgets and technology. This is designed keeping in mind the business travellers and corporate parties. Thanks to the cutting-edge technology and high-end tech support, your corporate party is about to take off to a whole new level.


Many couples prefer theme weddings and parties by the pool side or river side. Hence, we have allocated separate venues for such weddings and parties. Guests can make merry at one of the umpteen entertainment options as the bride and groom tie the knot.


There is hardly a pleasure that is equivalent to getting drenched beneath a waterfall. We have created a one-of-its-kind waterfall, which bears close resemblance to its natural counterparts. With the water gushing down your body with full force, you will surely feel liberated.


We have built an additional “deep” swimming pool, which targets professional and expert swimmers who know the ins and outs of swimming. The entry to this swimming pool is restricted only to expert swimmers who are vastly experienced when it comes to the art of swimming.


When it comes to kids’ entertainment, swimming pools and slides are not enough. Hence, we have dedicated an entire section to what we call a Kids Aqua Zone. Here, kids get to partake in some fun and competitive games, while simultaneously being immersed in the water. A sight to regale!


The Jumbo Jet installed at Ammu Water Park is truly its pride.
It is a special type of merry-go-round where kids are seated in jumbo jets that rotate at a gentle speed, enough to give your little ones a ride of a lifetime. It is truly a class apart. Children love this ride.


Ammu Water Park is not just about water, water, and more water. We have ample space if you want to challenge your partner to some indoor as well as outdoor games. These games are ideal for you to stay fit as a fiddle as well as get that much-needed workout for your body.


Ammu Water Park is known for its large dormitory, which can accommodate a large number of guests who wish to stay overnight for myriad reasons, which could include overnight or weekend parties and guests belonging to outstation locations. What’s more, our dormitory offers complete privacy.


Students from schools, colleges, as well as classes feel the need to de-stress through a relaxing holiday or organize a get-together, which comes once in a lifetime. Therefore, we offer special packages at discounted rates for them. Watching students unwind and soak in the sun give us a thrill and something to savour upon.

Mini Wave pool

Because it is not feasible to visit a beach near to our location, we thought of bringing the beach to our resort, in the form of a Mini wavepool.  As each wave kisses your body, you will feel reinvigorated and recharged. One thing is for sure: you wouldn’t want to get out of our Mini wavepool.


There is something otherworldly and ethereal about dancing in the rain. Our rain dance is large enough to accommodate scores of people within a single section. As you gyrate to popular Bollywood songs and foot-tapping English numbers, you can let your hair loose and let go of all your inhibitions.


The Space Shuttle at Ammu Water Park is nothing short of extraordinary. Children get a chance to enjoy a ride at these shuttles for however long they desire. Admired and adored by one and all, our space shuttle is large enough to hold many kids at one go. All in all, a surreal experience.


Our frog is the centre of attraction at Ammu Water Park. Loved by everyone, it offers a wonderful and thrilling short slide for kids and youngsters alike. A one-of-its-kind structure, the Frog is a magnificent piece of entertainment, nothing short of a masterpiece. Therefore, be dazzled.


Thanks to our Play Park section, you can indulge in various games, which are both entertaining and riveting. Needless to say, you will be hooked on to this section the moment you enter in. The ambience, décor, lighting will surely take your breath away and enable you to break the shackles of time.


Our one-of-its-kind restaurant offers delicious Indian food, including starters, main course, desserts, ice cream and many more. We have carefully prepared our menu by consulting top chefs in the industry.
One thing is certain: you will lick the plate clean!

Food & Beverage

We offer an all-inclusive food package that includes breakfast, lunch, and evening tea at a jaw-dropping price of Rs 499/- How’s that for a change? Our food is inspired by authentic Indian cuisine, which range from mouthwatering starters to exotic desserts. Therefore, your taste buds are in for a royal treat.